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How to take good care of your knife


Make sure the knife is dry before putting it back in its sheath. The knife should be sharpened regularly. Do not wash any of our products in a dishwasher.


Carbon steel blade: It is important to dry the knife well after using. The blade should be regularly treated using a thin coating of unsalted oil. Cooking oil is ideal for this purpose.






Quality is extremely important for Riipi Puukko. Our knives have been made to last. We give a 5-year guarantee for our products. The warranty does not concern defects that have been caused by misuse, e.g. rusting of blade.








The blades are made for us by Laurin Metalli based in Kauhava and by village blacksmith Toivo Jaaranen.


Laurin Metalli blades:


The material used for the carbon blades is high carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.8% and hardened to 59–60 HRC. The blades stay sharp for a long time and are easy to sharpen.


The stainless steel blades are hardened to 57–58 HRC.


Village Blacksmith Toivo Jaaranen:


Toivo Jaaranen is a fourth generation blacksmith. His workshop is located in the village of Turtola in the Pello Municipality.


His blades are held in high esteem and are well-known all over the world.





The handles for our knives are treated with wood wax. We never use varnish for coating the handles, because when the knife gets wet the varnish will eventually start to chip away.


Curly birch

Our knife collection uses two different types of curly birch. The so-called extreme curly birch has more than normal curly patterns. Curly birch is ideal for use as the material for the knife handle as it is durable as well as handsome.


Birch burl

Birch burl is light in colour and a beautiful looking material. The birch burl has wood grain that forms plenty of different patterns. We use birch burl that comes from Lapland. We dry and treat some of the birch burl ourselves. The largest birch burl we currently have in stock is over a metre in diameter.



Applewood is an elegant, hard and durable wood. The wood has two shades, which makes it an interesting material for knife handles.



Mountain-ash is a material held in high esteem, and is durable, tough and handsome. In addition to being used for knife handles, mountain-ash is also used in wooden mallet hammer heads. Ancient beliefs say that the mountain-ash fends off evil and bestows good powers. Just like the Applewood, mountain-ash has two shades making it an interesting material to work with.



The bone we use is mainly elk thighbone and antlers. The bones and antlers we use are sourced from local elk hunters before being treated at our workshop.


Goat willow root burl

Goat willow root burl is a highly esteemed and indeed rare material. It is perfectly suited as material for making knife blades. It has a rather dark shade with plenty of hues and patterns.


Mammoth tusk

The mammoth tusk we used has been brought up from the bottom of the ocean, after which it has been treated to become more durable. The majority of mammoth tusks are found in Alaska and Canada. Due to its rarity, this magnificent and unique material has a high value.


Buffalo horn

Buffalo horn is wonderfully shiny bone with black and grey hues. We currently source our buffalo horns whole from Denmark.



Acrylic is a plastic compound that is a tough and durable material. Acrylic can be used to make good-looking and distinctive knife handles. We use colourless and dyed acrylic.



Walnut is a brown wood that works really well as the knife handle, for instance for enhancing the lighter coloured wood.


Flame birch

Flame birch is a light-shaded wood with flamed patterns. As with other birch wood, flame birch is a tough and durable material well suited for using as knife handle material.


Goat willow

Goat willow belongs to the willow family and looks like a birch and pine hybrid.





The sheaths for our knives are made from cow hide 2–2.2mm thick and are vegetable-tanned. Our sheath collection comes in black, brown and light colours.

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