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Design your own sheath knife

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Design your own sheath knife



Choose your blade from the wide selection available. Design the handle using one or several parts of handsome and high-quality materials.


Please remember that the sheath knife is handmade and every material part is unique. Therefore, the preview image of the knife is only an example and not a true representation of the finished product.


Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


Start building your sheath knife one part at a time.


Name your knife (no special characters):


Type of knife


  • First, choose the handle. You can view the different handle shapes by selecting a different handle from the drop-down menu. The selected handle is then displayed in the image below.
  • The number of materials specifies the number of parts used to make your knife handle.
  • You can choose a different material for each different part.
  • You can adjust the size of the parts by clicking on the dividing line and dragging the line to the desired direction.


Number of materials:



  • Select the type of blade from the drop-down menu. The blade will be shown in the image below.
  • “mm” means the length of the blade in millimetres.

Text for engraving (max. 20 characters, no special characters):


  • Select the type of sheath from the drop-down menu. The chosen sheath will be shown in the image below.

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Design your own knife
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