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The Finnish sheath knife, puukko, is an essential part of Finnish folklore. Our mission is to honour these age-old knife-making skills combined with some modern-day nuances.


Riipi Puukko is a family-run enterprise established in the summer of 2014. The company is located by Lake Riipijärvi in the picturesque village of Riipi belonging to the Municipality of Sodankylä.


We make high quality Lappish knives and other products. All our products are made by hand using highest quality materials.


Our knives convey the love of Lapland: its nature, tales, and Lappish magic!






Mika Lintula

+358 40 538 6382






Eliisa Lintula

+358 45 355 7775




Customer Service serves you in English and Finnish languages.




kNIFE workshop 


Riipintie 36, 99720 Riipi


You are welcome to visit our workshop in Riipi where you can also buy and order our products. You can ensure we are in attendance calling or sending us email before visit.






One day in Lapland/

Arctic desing shop

Valtakatu 24

96100 Rovaniemi


Museum- galleria Alarieston museumshop

Jäämerentie 3

99600 Sodankylä



Myllymäenkatu 12

53550 Lappeenranta


Coutellerie Marcin et fils Sprl

Avenue de Namur 86
5590 Ciney 

Handelshus Flygel & Partner AB 

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Väkevä knife´s reseller:

Luontokeskus Naava

Luontotie 1

98530 Pyhätunturi


Savukoski/ Korvatunturi knifes reseller:

Korvatunturin puoti

Soklintie 1

98800 Savukoski


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